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HIIT  kickboxing

HIIT Kickboxing is a martial art that combines the use of kicking and striking. This is a cardio-intensive combat sport that trains individuals on the proper technique for both effective punching and kicking.


This is an excellent option for those interested in increasing their power, speed, and strength and getting a great workout. Ocelotl Martial Arts offers beginner and advance kickboxing techniques  for both men and women.  Training at our gym will provide you with the opportunity to practice your technique on both punching bags and pads held by our teachers. 

Classes for 13 yrs and up.  Book today! 

Equipment required: Boxing Gloves 

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Are you interested in learning how to defend yourself? Kickboxing is a great option for you if you want to get a good workout and learn life-saving techniques at the same time. In kickboxing classes, you will learn practical skills that can help you protect yourself whether you're interested in competing or you run into a real-life situation that requires self-defense. Learn how to effectively strike so your punch has power and control behind it. You'll also learn how to kick accurately and more powerfully without losing balance. If you are interested, sign up for a class today. It's never too late to learn how to defend yourself. 


Many people seek out Kickboxing because of the excellent workout benefits it offers. Kickboxing not only increases your stamina through cardio-intense, sweat sessions but it also helps with heart health. Your ability to maintain accuracy and core power will only increase the longer you participate in this sport. Kickboxing is great for the entire body because it requires that you use every part of it, in every single class. If you're looking for a workout routine that increases your endurance, coordination, and energy levels, sign up for a class today. 


At Ocelotl Martial Arts, we want all of our members to understand and celebrate the life-changing effects a good workout regimen can have on your mental health. We are all under large amounts of stress on a daily basis but committing to a consistent kickboxing program will ensure you release some of that pent-up energy and enjoy relief from anxiety and stress. Kickboxing also leads to increased confidence as your skills only get better, and alertness and motivation. Try out one of our classes today to see if kickboxing is the sport for you! 


Kickboxing demands movement from your entire body which leads to an increase in blood flow. The increased oxygen moving through your body as well as the release of stress has led kickboxing members to feel their energy levels rise to amazing levels! Sign up for a membership today if you want to feel the long-term benefits a kickboxing regimen can provide for you! 

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