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Judo is a martial art that focuses on throwing, choking/submitting, or pinning your opponent. You may be familiar with Judo due to its popularity from Judo throws. The techniques in Judo teach individuals how to use their opponent's weaknesses against them but also how to train themselves mentally.


Training in Judo will help you not only develop offensive skills such as throwing, choking, and grappling but you will also learn how to defensively disarm opponents and increase your ability to withstand physical trauma. At Ocelotl Martial Arts, we welcome beginners to advanced individuals. Try out a class today! 

Classes are available for adults and children ages 6 and up. 

Equipment Needed: None

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Judo promotes 8 values including courage, respect, modesty, friendship, honor, honesty, self-control, and courtesy. These values promoted within the art center around consideration for others and self-examination to determine whether you outwardly uphold those values. Practitioners of Judo become self-aware and more mindful of the decisions they make every day. 


Judo training is excellent for developing grit. During training, your body will increase in toughness due to being on the receiving end of throws. Other physical benefits found in training are balance, coordination, and overall strength. 


Judo, like other martial arts, greatly impacts the metacognition of its participants. In fact, many scientific journals have studied the potential impact that Judo could have on society. Scientists and practitioners have agreed that judo training can improve mental skills such as quick decision-making, staying calm during duress, maintaining caution, reasoning, acute observation, imagination, memory, and organization.


Judo is a fantastic sport for adults and children alike. Sign up today to get your first class for free!  


Although Judo is not as aggressive as other combat sports, the ability to defend yourself matches other programs that we offer. Judo is about manipulating the situation to your advantage but also avoiding dangerous situations by remaining operational at all times. Take full advantage of this opportunity by signing up for a membership today! 

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