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About US

Ocelotl Martial Arts gym offers a series of complementary programs that increase both physical and mental strength. We offer a variety of combat classes that can be taken in conjunction with one another to improve your overall skills and advancement. 

We believe that physical growth is just the first step in the transformative power of martial arts and fitness. Our gym is centered around the growth of each student so that they understand that every obstacle in the gym and in life can be met with confidence and overcome through discipline and perseverance. Lessons like these, among others, are the skills we hope to pass along to each person who sets foot on our mats. Our gym will lead you to your own discoveries, so you can live up to your full potential. 

Ocelotl, meaning ‘jaguar’ in Nahuatl,
is the 14th day sign of the 260-day Aztec calendar and was considered a good day for engaging in battle. It’s associated with valor, power, and recklessness in the face of danger. This auspicious day is represented by the head of a jaguar, a highly revered animal among the Mesoamericans




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