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Jiu-Jitsu gi & No Gi 

  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or "BJJ" is a category of martial arts that involves using fluid motions against one opponent at a time, typically taking place on the floor. The practice of BJJ does not involve striking but instead aims at choking or submitting your opponent until they tap out. Ocelotl Brazilian jiu-jitsu training includes both no-gi and gi. 

  The BJJ belt system serves as a way to gauge an individual's knowledge and skill in the sport. Individuals begin as "White Belts", ultimately training their skills until they've reached the status of a "Red Belt". A red belt in jiu-jitsu is the highest tier one can achieve. Children's jiu-jitsu operates on a different belt system, one that is more achievable by breaking ranks into half-colors, helping children feel supported and motivated. 

  As someone climbs through the jiu-jitsu ranking they will improve their strength, stamina, grip strength, knowledge of self-defense, and overall confidence. If you're interested in learning or increasing your skills in BJJ, book a class today!  

Classes are available for adults and children ages 3 and up. Book today! 

  • CUBS 3 to 6 years old

  • Ocelotl Young warriors 6-15 years old

  • Ocelotl Warriors 16 years and up

Equipment Needed: GI, workout clothes 

cognitive skills 









One of the main benefits of learning Brazilian jiu-jitsu will be the ability to defend yourself. The skills acquired in BJJ can be life-saving. The art of training BJJ will protect you in situations where self-defense is necessary. A trained individual is capable of stopping a real-world threat even if that person is larger and stronger. BJJ teaches people how to use momentum, leverage, and techniques to escape or submit a threat. This is a combat sport, and especially beneficial for women who are interested in learning self-defense.


The training protocols in Brazilian jiu-jitsu combine aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. After adjusting to the physical challenges required in BJJ, you will enjoy benefits such as increased stamina, flexibility, and overall strength, most prominently core and grip strength. 


The mental skills attained in BJJ are equally impactful as the physical benefits. The practice of BJJ requires that you remain calm under pressure. Physical confinement can be stressful but our members develop skills to directly confront the stress and problem-solve in these situations. This skill transfers over to everyday life and can be an excellent lesson for children. The BJJ belt system also helps teach "delayed gratification". Both children and adults learn to accomplish something through consistency and focus. In addition, confidence, humility, patience, and discipline are all skills developed in training. 


If you're unaware, there's a huge global community of BJJ members that continues to grow every day! Jiujitsu is the type of sport that unites people from all walks of life. At Ocelotl Martial Arts you will find yourself surrounded by other people who are interested in self-growth and respect for one another. Our gym also has plans to expand and cross-train with other gyms in the region and eventually the nation. 

BJJ & No Gi Schedule 

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